Launched February 1, 2021 in celebration of Black History Month

The Soul Scholar Podcast

This podcast is designed to engage our listeners with provocative thought and dialogue surrounding the topics of equity in education and more specifically culturally responsive teaching. The intention is to not simply tickle your ears with engaging information, but to challenge you to align your talk with your walk, move your passion and purpose into action, and to constantly engage in self-reflective activity that will not only propel you forward in your personal and professional life, but will help you grow as a culturally competent educator.

We're talking all topics centered around culturally responsive teaching and equity in education.  From anti-blackness among black educators, the lack of culturally responsive theory and work in teacher education programs, and compassion maximizing your purpose, aligning your principles with your practice, and best tips to keeping it culturally responsive...


Snuggle up with headphones and a nice cup of coffee or tea...the perfect recipe to nourish your mind and soul as you listen to...

The Soul Scholar Podcast.

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About Scholars for the Soul, LLC

Scholars for the Soul is an educational solutions consulting firm designed to assist educators, administrators, community members and stakeholders with implementing a consistent teaching paradigm that reflects the core values and practices of culturally responsive teaching and fosters abolitionist teaching methods. We offer professional development sessions, one to one coaching sessions (both virtual and onsite), small group/team coaching sessions, lesson 

plan template, instructional coach training, checklists and more.

Our coaching and consulting focuses on instructional practices that are always reflecting on the structure, growth, and performance of the brain through academic rigor that improves intellectual capacity.

With each coaching session, we also offer the opportunity to observe (virtual and on-site) teachers working and provide immediate feedback towards a more culturally responsive solution.

How our work works for you:

Working with Scholars for the Soul will enhance your teaching tools, resources and repertoire to enhance the level of motivation, engagement and achievement with your students. In addition, we provide a direct mentoring relationship with new teachers. This includes weekly conference calls, pedagogical and behavioral reflections, support for current and future lesson plans and classroom management techniques. We also review lesson plans to identify culturally responsive components, and/or to offer suggestions on how to enhance a lesson towards cultural responsiveness.

Culturally Responsive Teaching helps our students thrive!

Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) focuses on a student-centered approach to identify and value the individual cultures of our student bodies, especially for those of various minority groups.  To begin, educators must identify and acknowledge any implicit, cultural biases and commit to reshaping their pedagogy around cultural pluralism and acceptance, not merely tolerance. CRT learning environments work deliberately to acknowledge and value each culture group within their student body population through planned activities inside and outside of the classroom. 

Instructional practices, as well as cultural, are monumental in exemplifying cultural responsiveness as your educational mantra and foundation.  The curriculum, the hallways, the cafeteria, the playground, the gym, the extra curricular activities, and all of the spaces where students reside must reflect a concerted effort towards inclusiveness and equity.  Students and families must feel welcomed, nurtured, loved, cared for, and SEEN!  


About Dr. Melanie Desmuke-Battles, Secondary Literacy Educator and Coach Adjunct Instructor

Meet the face behind the work and heart of Scholars for the Soul - Dr. Melanie Desmuke-Battles. She’s a woman of God, mother, wife, and devoted family member.

As a 12 year educator in “urban” and “rural” schools and advocate for black and brown students, she is a PhD of Reading Education (University of Arkansas at Little Rock), Masters of Arts in Teaching (Freed-Hardeman University), Grad Certificate in African-American Literature (University of Memphis), and Bachelors of Arts in English (University of Memphis). Her passion to serve God through education and exposing students to opportunities through Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) college tours, college and career panels, and teen talk sessions has now led her to working to foster equitable teaching practices.

Working through a culturally responsive lens, Dr. Desmuke-Battles aims to shift ineffective teaching and disciplinary practices towards a social-emotional foundation that REACHES and TEACHES every student through care, relationships, community, and academic rigor.