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We help educators shape "soulful" scholars.

Scholars for the Soul focuses on equipping educators with culturally responsive tools to reach and teach ALL students.


Hi, I'm Dr. Melanie Desmuke-Battles, creator and founder of Scholars for the Soul.

With 10 years of classroom experience, I've had the pleasure of working across a range of diverse educational settings.  My educational experiences include teaching across urban, suburban and rural communities among all racial backgrounds and across many different cultures.  Throughout my experiences, I have noticed an important component that has been missing from most educational settings:  cultural responsiveness. In response to this realization I've become committed to empowering teachers towards a more comprehensive pedagogy that acknowledges and honors every student and their cultural background in deliberate and systematic ways. 

Why Culturally Responsive Teaching?

Our current society includes students from various racial, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds with a variety of beliefs and cultural norms that connect individuals of similar cultures.   But what happens when the teacher cannot connect to the cultural norms and practices of their students?  Cultural dissonance- the disharmony between individuals due to a lack of understanding about one's culture. How can we then bridge the gap of cultural dissonance between our teachers and students? The simple answer - Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Cultural Responsiveness

Student-Centered Approach

Self - Regulation

Curriculum Implementation

Classroom Management Techniques

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What Educators Are Saying About Our Work

"Working with Dr. Battles on Culturally Responsive Teaching has been phenomenal! Her passion and high level of knowledge and expertise has proven to be beneficial at our campus. Her focus on student empowerment, self-regulation, and social emotional learning has assisted with building and sustaining positive relationships between students and staff."

Dr. J. Nelson, Ed.D

Middle School Administrator

"Dr. Battles has a wealth of knowledge that she shows in her suggestions for resources and she maintains constant professionalism in every situation. This year, she has provided me with effective feedback on how to use technology in my classroom. Whenever I had questions, she took the time to answer them and support me."

Ms. B. Pickens

Middle School Math Teacher

"Dr. Battles has been the consummate professional and organizer for our technology and learning initiative. She has been innovative around soft skills with our Red Raider Real Talks... conversations about social emotional learning skills. Dr. Battles is our social-emotional learning expert!"

Mr. E. Henderson