Learn the basics and foundation to culturally responsive teaching (CRT) and how to implement the practice within your classrooms and schools.  This resource guide provides substantial information behind the theoretical and conceptual framework of CRT. 


Here's a sneak peek into our chapters and the resources at the end: 

  1. CRT...What's the Buzz?  Defining CRT.
  2. It All Starts with the Mind:  Identifying, Challenging, and Overcoming Implicit Bias.
  3. Let's Break it Down:  Understanding the Terminology and Theoretical Framework of CRT.
  4. The Role of Social-Emotional Learning
  5. The Need for Rigor
  6. Restorative Justice in a Nutshell.  


Our resource guide includes the 12 Terms Every Educator Should Know and the Benefits of CRT guides to provide background knowledge around equity in education and CRT.  We have also designed a series of instructional and behavioral checklists to assist educators and administrators on their CRT journey.  Lastly, our lesson plan template aligns with the Understanding by Design (UBD) framework which focuses on the bigger picture...what do we want students to know and what essential question should students be able to answer by the end of this lesson/unit?  



E-Book: Making Culturally Responsive Teaching Work

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